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The information below is about the Fred Barbara, Tom Volini and City of Kankakee proposed landfill which was defeated March, 2010.
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Watch the public meeting on the proposed Fred Barbara/Tom Volini/City of Kankakee landfill.


Watch the video of the 2005 flood of the proposed Fred Barbara/Tom Volini/City of Kankakee landfill site.


Watch the video of the 1957 flood of the proposed Fred Barbara/Tom Volini/City of Kankakee landfill site.


View the experts report on why the proposed Fred Barbara/Tom Volini/City of Kankakee landfill site is a major risk.




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Nine Townships unanimously passed a NO Garbage dump ordinance per (60 ILCS 1/30-120) at their annual meetings which took place April 8. They are Yellowhead, Sumner, Manteno, Rockville, Salina, Essex, Norton, Pilot and Pembroke. All had large crowds of people. Two more townships already have the ordinance on their books we are being told. They are Momence and Otto.

The citizens in these townships have sent a strong message to Kankakee County Board Chairman Mike Bossert, States Attorney Jamie Boyd and their hired consultants James. D. Burnham, Charles Murphy, Chris Brown and the hired attorneys Chuck Helsten and George Mueller. The county has spent around $300,000 on their efforts to recruit a Chicago/Cook County garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland and to pay a county per ton garbage host fee. Consultant Chris Brown is suppose to sell this grand idea to the community. 

Thanks to all the great people that got involved and made it their business to get this done.

Darrel W. Bruck Jr., President and co-founder of POWER

PS: We are hearing that County Board Chairman Mike Bossert has said he does not care, the county will put a Chicago/Cook County garbage dump wherever they want. You may want to call him at his office about that at 815-937-3642.


The Kankakee Daily Journal Thursday, 4-3-14, Steve York's View. We could not agree more!!



POWER would like to thank everyone who attended our garbage dump opposition meeting last night.  We had a record turn out.  People came from all over the county with Manteno and Grant Park having the best showing.

Both the Daily Journal and Russell Publications had reporters covering the meeting along with WVLI and WIVR radio stations.  Russell Publications publish papers in Manteno and Grant Park.

POWER will fight the proposed Chicago/Cook County garbage dump no matter which area of the county is targeted by Kankakee County Board Chairman Mike Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd through their consultants and special attorneys they have put on the county payroll.  They are consultants James D. Burnham, Charles Murphy and Chris Brown along with attorneys George Mueller and Charles Helsten.

The county has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these consultants and attorneys in their pursuit of a Chicago/Cook County garbage hauler to establish a garbage dump on local farmland for Chicago/Cook County garbage.  Two to three hundred semi loads of garbage would be dumped daily in Kankakee County and the county would be paid a per ton garbage host fee.


POWER will be holding a Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting Tuesday, April 1, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee.

The Kankakee County board, under the direction of County Board Chairman Mike Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd,  is paying consultant James D. Burnham $20,000 per month, $240,000 through March 1 to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland for a per ton host fee. Does your area of the county want to host Chicago/Cook County garbage?   This is being done through a No Bid, No Public Input contract.

According to Chairman Bossert, only Otto Township has been ruled out as a possible location, all other townships are on the table and are being looked at by consultant James D. Burnham.

Kankakee County is not suitable for dumping mountains of garbage because we are located in the Kankakee River Watershed.  What townships are doing to protect their area and the latest information and action in this battle will be discussed.

We have defeated two other dump proposals near the Kankakee County Fair Grounds and together we can defeat this one too.  Please attend our meeting and get informed. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of curer.


POWER will be holding a Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting this Tuesday, March 4, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee.

The Kankakee County board, under the direction of County Board Chairman Mike Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd,  is paying consultant James D. Burnham $20,000 per month, $240,000 through March 1 to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland for a per ton host fee. Does your area of the county want to host Chicago/Cook County garbage?   This is being done through a No Bid, No Public Input, No Accountability contract.

What can be done to stop this will be discuss along with the who, what, when, where and why. Please attend our meetings and get involved.  We have defeated two other dump proposals near the Kankakee Fair Grounds and together we can defeat this one too.


Kankakee County Board Chairman Mike Bossert has given few answers regarding the decision to seek a Chicago/Cook County garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland.

Why was there NO public hearing before this decision was made?  Why was their no opportunity for public involvement in this decision?

Why was consultant James D. Burnham given a No Bid Contract to seek a garbage dump developer at $20,000 per month, $240,000 as of March 1 retroactively to last April when the board did not vote till June?  Why has Mr. Burnham not appeared before the board and the public to explain what we are getting for all this money?  Why has he not provided any written information, except his invoices, to the county according to county responses to FOI requests?  How long are we going to keep paying this guy?  How many people are going to get laid off at the county to pay for Mr. Burnham’s fees since the budget is already in the red?

Otto Township has been ruled out for a new dump.  What townships have been ruled in as a possible site for a new dump?  Shouldn't the public know if farmland in their area, ground water aquifer and wells are being targeted? 

Get involved before your area is named as the location for this mega garbage dump.  Call Chairman Bossert, Call your county board member.  Attend the next county board meeting March 11, 9:00 a m and ask what the hell is going on.  POWER's next garbage dump opposition meeting is Tuesday, March 4, 5:30 pm at Paul's Restaurant 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee. Together we can get this Chicago garbge dump stopped.  We have done it before and we will do it again


POWER will be holding a Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting Tuesday, February 4, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee.

The Kankakee County board is paying consultant James D. Burnham $20,000 per month, $220,000 through February 1 to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland for a per ton host fee. Does your area of the county want to host Chicago/Cook County garbage?

This is being done through a NO BID, NO PUBLIC INPUT, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, DONE IN SECRET contract.

Kankakee County is not suitable for dumping mountains of garbage because we are located in the Kankakee River Watershed. What landowners can do to protect their area of the county will be discussed along with information obtained from the county through the Freedom of Information Act. Questions call 815-933-9696; Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/powerkankakeecounty    

 POWER will fight against the dump no matter which area of the county is targeted.  Please attend our meetings and get involved.  We have defeated two other dump proposals and together we can defeat this one too.


The Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, January 7, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee has been canceled do to the very cold weather forecast for this Tuesday.  POWER will resume its monthly meetings the first Tuesday of the month, February 4 at 5:30 pm at Paul’s Restaurant in Kankakee.  If a garbage dump application is submitted to the county government before then, we will hold a special meeting before February 4.


POWER submitted a second Freedom of Information request to Kankakee County Government on Friday, Dec. 13 for information on the NO BID, NO Public Input, Done behind closed doors, $20,000 a month Chicago garbage consultant contract. Here is our FOI request and the county's reply received today.

Please take note of page 4.  It is James D. Burnham's Invoice dated Dec. 1 which shows Mr. Burnham billing another $40,000 for November and December and previous invoiced amount of $140,000 for a total as of Dec. 1 of $180,000.  As of Jan. 1, another $20,000 will be due less then 12 days away. 

Also take note the county is saying they have no written information from Mr. Burnham on what he is doing for his $20,000 a month fee.  The county said the same thing in reply to our Oct. 25 FOI.  No work report of any kind.  Mr. Burnham has never appeared before the county board or the public.  What he is doing to earn this kind of money has been kept  secret by States Attorney Jamie Boyd and Chairman Mike Bossert.

  We fully expect a garbage dump application to be submitted in January or February.  They like to do in the winter to keep attendance down at the public hearing.  We hope we are wrong as an application would mean a 5 to 7 year battle all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court.  POWER has already started fund raising.



Please share this with everyone in Kankakee County.

Here is some information you will not see in The Daily Journal.  Word is spreading about the Kankakee County Board pursuit of a mega garbage landfill dump.

There was a farmland auction last Tuesday, December 10 in Herscher. See the auction ad below.  What is interesting is what was announced before the auction started.  It was announced the land seller put a deed restriction on all the land which would prohibit the land from being used for a garbage landfill now and in the future. 

Seems the word has spread about the Kankakee County Board, under the direction of States Attorney Jamie Boyd and Chairman Mike Bossert, hiring garbage consultant James. D. Burnham of Downers Grove to find a Chicago/Cook County garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland for a per ton garbage host fee. 

County taxpayers are on the hook for a payment of $20,000 per month, $180,000 over the last 9 months.  As each month goes by another $20,000 is due.  At the same time, the county announced they had  $1.5 million deficit in fiscal year 2013 and just like Illinois; the bonding agencies have lowered the rating on county debt to a higher risk level.  A $33.5 million 2013 budget was not enough for a county of 113,000 people.

We applauded the landowner family, even though they have not lived in this county for many years, for taking a proactive action to protect their land from being mega garbage dump.  We hope other farmland owners, who are selling their land, will also put a garbage dump deed restriction as States Attorney Jamie Boyd, Chairman Mike Bossert and Chicago garbage consultant James D. Burnham don’t care about environmental concerns, the river, the ground aquifer, wells or the fact we have some of the best farmland in the Kankakee River Watershed for growing food.

They only care about creating a 200 feet high mountain of garbage on as many acres as they can get their hands on for the money.  This can be stopped before it gets started if all farmland sellers in the county follow the Arthur M. Olsen family’s NO garbage landfill deed restriction

Please like POWER on Facebook at www.facebook.com/powerkankakeecounty 


LAND AUCTION 417± Acres Kankakee County, Illinois

Tuesday, December 10, 10:00 AM Herscher American Legion Community Center

102 South Oak Street Herscher, Illinois


Offered in Seven Individual Tracts, Any Combination, or a Total Unit

• High quality, well maintained farmland located in excellent farming community

• All tracts have excellent access

• Six-acre building site with two homes and extensive outbuildings


For property details contact: Roy Bracey, AFM/Agent Chenoa, Illinois

(815) 945-7722 or (309) 212-0014, RBracey@FarmersNational.com

Owner: Arthur M. Olsen Farms, Inc


Jay Allen, Lic 441.001838 FARMERSmNATIONAL COMPANY



James D. Burnham of Downers Grove,

No Bid, No Public Input, No Public Accountability, No Environmental Concerns, Done in Secret, Taxpayer Funded $20,000 a Month Chicago Garbage Dump Contract.


During the May 29 Kankakee County Planning Zoning & Agriculture (PZA) meeting States Attorney Jamie Boyd and Kankakee County Chairman Mike Bossert directed the committee to vote to recommend to the full county board a contract with Chicago garbage consultant James D. Burnham.  The contract requires county taxpayers to pay Mr. Burnham $20,000 a month to get a garbage hauler to dump Chicago area garbage on local farmland for a per ton host fee.  States Attorney Jamie Boyd told the PZA committee Mr. Burnham would likely have a garbage dump applicant within 90 days.  The committee approved the plan.  There was no discussion on environmental concerns for the ground water aquifer, the Kankakee River or the fact we have some of the best farmland in the world to grow food.


The full county board voted on the contract at their June 11 board meeting.  Only two county board members said NO, Larry Enz and Robert Snipes.  This whole process was all done behind closed doors in secret.  No public input, no opportunity for public input and no discussions on concerns for the ground water aquifer or the river. When Mr. Enz asked Chairman Bossert why the No Bid contract and the behind closed door decision was being done.  Mr. Bossert said he and Mr. Boyd wanted it done that way.


On October 25, Protecting Our Water Environment & River, nfp (POWER) submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out what has been going on behind closed doors in this matter.  Please see the full F.O.I. request and the county’s response here.  We were shocked to see that even though the full board did not vote until June to approve the contract, Mr. Burnham has billed the county retroactivity to April which means as of the October 25 date the county taxpayers have been billed for $140,000 or 7 months.


Please take note of Mr. Burnham’s Invoices being void of any information on what he is doing to earn this kind or money .  POWER also asked for any and all communications between county officials and Mr. Burnham.  Please note all the redacted information and the response by the county they will not comply with the F.O.I. to provide all of the written communications.  Also take note none of the communications provided discuss any environmental concerns.


What is it about this garbage dump contract that it has to be kept out of the public eye by States Attorney Jamie Boyd, Chairman Mike Bossert and James D. Burnham?   What are they hiding?  Why has Mr. Burnham failed to appear before the county board and the public to account for what he has been doing the last 9 months and to discuss the potential impact a mega garbage dump would have on the river and ground water aquifer?   Why is the county board allowing this kind of spending with no environmental and fiscal accountability when they ran a $1.6 million deficit fiscal year 2013? Why is Jamie Boyd and Mike Bossert doing the peoples business like Chicago and Cook County does it?


On December 13, POWER submitted another F.O.I request to give Mr. Bossert and Mr. Boyd another opportunity to comply with our F.O.I. request without redacted information and missing documents.  If Mr. Bossert and Mr. Boyd choose to not comply for a second time, POWER will pursue the matter.  There is no reason for this matter to be done all in secret or is there?


Darrel W. Bruck Jr.

Current  President and co-founder of POWER



Chicago area garbage should not be buried in Kankakee County.


I have been lucky enough to be a Professor of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences, Illinois Institute of Technology for over 32 years.  Since moving from the south side of Chicago (Bridgeport) over 10 years ago, I have continued to use my academic credentials to consult on bioremediation of the infamous Limestone gas additive spill-plume catastrophe of the 1980's, to consult with POWER as a board member on "No garbage landfills in Kankakee County" initiatives, and have enjoyed my ongoing love of trying to be a Waterkeeper of the Kankakee River. 


 Last summer I presented to our 28 Kankakee County Board members detailed information on a profitable, jobs-creating, 2 stage bioprocess for converting garbage into ethanol.  This 2 stage, thermochemical,bioprocess, patented by my former Ph.D. student, Dr. James Krueger for the multinational INEOS Corp.,  has been scaled up in Vero Beach, Florida.  It is a 2 stage physical chemical/bioconversion process involving microbes and many potential biochemical engineering and industrial microbiological jobs. 


I am intimately familiar with the 35 years of research that led to the evolution of this bioprocess, having pilot scaled a similar process, following the leads of Drs. Gaddy and Drake out of the University of Arkansas and Old Miss, respectively. I contributed to the biodesulfurization end of the research (see www.iit.edu/~cork).  As I explained to the County Board Members last summer, the process works, and I suggested to them that I could develop a modified pilot scale of the process with our garbage to prove that it works here in Kankakee County.


 I naively thought that this would eliminate the perceived need of the Board to overturn a moratorium that we citizens established on the dumping of garbage (especially from Chicago) into our County.  Not one of the Board members called me (815-715-0054). Now I learn that the Board has hired a consultant at $20,000 a month to search for a garbage dump developer.  This should be intolerable to the citizens of Kankakee County.  We can do better than this.


 I again implore the Kankakee County Board members to reassess their position on this key environmental issue.  Please look at garbage as an opportunity for the growth of a garbage-to-ethanol industry in our County.  Chicago waste should not be buried here; it should be converted to ethanol by a well-proven and established biochemical engineering process.


Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Doug Cork


Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL



POWER will be holding a Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting this Tuesday, December 3, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee.

The Kankakee County board has paid consultant James D. Burnham $180,000 through Dec., $20,000 per month, to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland for a per ton garbage host fee.

POWER will fight against the dump no matter which area of the county is targeted.  Attend our meetings and get involved.  Questions, Contact us at 815-933-9696, dwb70@aol.com or www.k3power.org.

We have defeated two mega Chicago garbage dump proposals out by the fair grounds  in the recent past and together we can defeat this one too.  


Darrel W. Bruck Jr., co-founder of POWER and current President.



We need to hold our county board members accountable for not standing up to Chairman Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd and demanding a full accounting on what the public is getting for our $160,000 to date investment in James D. Burnham’s NO BID Contract.


Here is a link to a 3 minute video on the garbage to ethanol technology in operation in Vero Beach Florida. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x4AajQJ5z8

It is the direction the garbage industry is going. One of these plants can be built in any industrial park.  A plant with this technology is being planned for Lake County Indiana, our neighbors to the east.

Why is the Kankakee County Board not looking into this technology instead of paying James D. Burnham $20,000 a month, $160,000 to date to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland? 

Please call your county board member and Chairman Mike Bossert and ask him why? Why is this all being done in secret with no accountability to the public and no opportunity for public input? 

We are spending $20,000 per month on James D. Burnham’s NO BID contract and what are we getting for our investment? No accountability! Why was this guy given a NO BID Contract? Is someone getting a kickback?

We need to hold our county board members accountable for not standing up to Chairman Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd and demanding a full accounting on what the public is getting for our $160,000 to date investment in James D. Burnham’s NO BID Contract. Mr. Burham of Downers Grove has never appeared before the board & the public to give any accounting on what he is doing.  See his invoices here for April through October, seven months.  We are now well into November so another $20,000 is due.  Invoices April through October

Kankakee County Board contact information http://www.co.kankakee.il.us/boardmembers.html



James D. Burnham of Downers Grove has billed Kankakee county taxpayers $140,000.00 so far.  As you recall this is the guy who States Attorney Jamie Boyd and Kankakee County Board Chairman Mike Bossert hired through a no bid contract, to find a garbage hauler in the Chicago area to dump garbage on local farmland for a county garbage host fee.  The county board did not vote to approve this agreement until June 11, yet as you can see by the invoices, Mr. Burnham is billing $20,000 a month all the way back to April which means to date we have paid this guy for 7 months.


He has never appeared before the board or provided any information on what he has been doing to earn his fee from Kankakee County taxpayers. The board and the public has been kept in the dark.  As each month goes by, another $20,000 is due.


This information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request.  The F.O.I request also asked for all written communications between Mr. Burnham and county officials.  According to the county's response, Mr. Burnham has not provide any written information the public can have on what he has done to earn $140,000 the last 7 months, no written report of any kind. 


Please get involved before they spend a million plus dollars on this guy with no explanation to the public or the board.  Keep in mind while they spent $140,000 to date on this guy with no accountability from him, the financial director of the county told the finance committee, he projects a $1.4 million county deficit for this year which ends November 30 and he projects double that next year.  Wouldn't the $20,000 a month be better used for County expenses then this garbage dump consultant?


We need your help, please call Mr. James D. Burnham at his office and leave a message on his voice mail. Ask him what he is doing for all this money and why it is all a secret with no public accountability of any kind?  Ask him how he got a no bid contract?  Tell him we don't want a garbage dump on our farmland. His office number is 630-333-5695   He is located in Downers Grove. 


Call Chairman Bossert  at  815-937-3642.  Let him know what you think about his and Jamie Boyd's no bid grand plan.  You will also get his voice mail.


We may not be able to do much about what goes on in Springfield but we can do a lot on what goes on locally.  Please get involved.



Chicago Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting this Tuesday, November 5, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee. 

Questions?  815-933-9696

The Freedom of Information documents provided by Kankakee County shows Attorney George Mueller is involved. He represented the last garbage dump applicant which we defeated. Now, he maybe representing Groot Industries another garbage hauler in the Chicago area.




Chicago/Cook County Garbage Dump Opposition Meeting this Tuesday, November 5, 5:30 PM. at Paul’s Restaurant, 500 S. Washington Ave. Kankakee. The Kankakee County board, starting last June, is still paying consultant James D. Burnham of Downers Grove $20,000 per month to find a Chicago garbage hauler to dump garbage on local farmland.  The bill to the taxpayers is up to $100,000 and growing.  This decision was done behind closed doors without public input.

POWER will fight against the dump no matter which area of the county is targeted.  Please attend our meetings and get involved.  We have defeated two mega garbage dump proposals out by the Kankakee County Fair grounds in the recent past and together we can defeat this one too.

With farm crops nearly all harvested, this is the time a dump developer would be using to move forward with a dump application with the county board.  An option to purchase or an outright purchase of farmland will take place along with an engineering firm sent to look at the land.  All these things would take place before a winter application would be filed with county government.  They like to hold the required public hearing in the winter as fewer people will likely attend is what they think.

Questions? call 815-933-9696.



The long awaited garbage-to-ethanol plant is moving forward in Schneider Indiana which is just across the state line, 27 miles from the City of Kankakee and 15 miles from the garbage transfer station in Momence where the lion share of Kankakee County generated garbage goes through.  


 This plant will take garbage for half the cost that a garbage dump charges because they will make their money from the energy they will produce.  One of the sources for garbage for this plant will be Chicago.


The Indiana plant will license the technology from Ineos which has a plant up and running in Vero Beach Florida

This makes the Kankakee County proposed Chicago/Cook County mega garbage dump obsolete.  Instead of paying a consultant to get one of these plants here, they are paying a consultant $20,000 a month to bring a polluting, obsolete garbage dump to our county.


Last Modified: Aug 2, 2013 02:04AM

Breakthrough technology behind the Schneider trash-to-ethanol plant proposed by Powers Energy apparently has been proven.

Whether that means construction of the plant in the small Lake County town will move forward remains to be seen.

INEOS Bio on Wednesday announced its plant in Vero Beach, Fla., is producing cellulosic ethanol at a commercial scale. This is the first commercial-scale production in the world using INEOS Bio’s gasification and fermentation technology for conversion of biomass waste into bioethanol and renewable power, according to INEOS Bio.

“(The Vero Beach team has) successfully addressed the challenges of moving a new technology to large production scale for the very first time,” said Peter Williams, CEO of INEOS Bio and chairman of INEOS New Planet BioEnergy.

“We expect to spend the remainder of 2013 putting the plant through its paces and demonstrating full nameplate capacity,” Williams said.

Powers Energy holds the Indiana license for the INEOS Bio trash-to-ethanol technology.

In March the Lake County Solid Waste Management District canceled its 2008 contract with Powers Energy to build the $300 million trash-to-energy plant after repeated delays by Powers to secure and provide proof of funding. A last-ditch effort by Powers to turn the deal over to a local construction consortium, SMC LLC, in an attempt to win favor and more time from the Solid Waste Management District, also was unsuccessful.

Lack of proof the technology works was a major sticking point for Solid Waste Management District board members, who ultimately grew tired of waiting for the project to move forward.

Lake County Councilman David Hamm, who chairs the Solid Waste Management District board, at the time said the board could no longer bet on an unproven technology. He said Thursday that the fact that the Vero Beach plant is operation does not change the position of the Solid Waste Management District.

“They are producing commercial grade ethanol from wood and vegetative matter only, not residential garbage,” Hamm said. “We need household waste reduced.”

Earl Powers, the company president, on Thursday said now that the technology is proven, he has access to funding and will be seeking written commitments of municipal solid waste supplies from sources contacted outside of the Solid Waste Management District. The project can move forward without the Solid Waste Management District, he said.

Powers has received multiple verbal commitments for a solid waste supply pending the outcome of production at the Indian Beach BioEnergy pilot plant in Vero Beach, Fla.

“Now we know it’s working and it’s working well,” Powers said, adding they will be contacting those prospective waste supplies for a firm commitment in the next several days.

Powers said the company does not have a signed option on the land, but he has been in contact with the landowner, Jim Huber, who he said is willing to try to work out another deal. Richard Ludlow, Schneider Town Council president, said the zoning and annexation approved for the project remains in place for Powers.

“I’m kind of excited about moving forward there. Hopefully the feedstock hasn’t been given to someone else,” Powers said.

Currently Indian Beach BioEnergy is using vegetation and wood stock to create the ethanol. Beginning in 2014, the plant, which has been constructed next to a landfill, will begin to use municipal solid waste as a feedstock, the company said.

Ed Cleveland, spokesman for SMC, said he was pleased to learn the technology had finally been proven.

“You know, we’ve been hoping all along, even after the construction group took a step back from it, we’ve been hoping it would come through. We believed in the process to begin with and thought it was the right thing to do,” Cleveland said.

While he is not sure of the future of trash-to-ethanol technology in Lake County, he is confident the technology will catch on quickly and use of it through INEOS licensing will spread throughout the country.

Cleveland expects naysayers will point to the fact Vero Beach is using vegetative waste as feedstock, but that was always the first step.

“I do believe that’s going to happen … whether it’s vegetative or municipal solid waste, the carbon-based components are still there,” Cleveland said.

Ludlow said he too is a believer. He remains hopeful whatever happens does so in his small, cash-strapped town. The infusion of cash and jobs a project like this will create is what is needed to change Schneider’s future.

“My thoughts are it’s not completely dead. I still have a glimmer of hope this project could move forward,” Ludlow said.

Copyright © 2013 — Sun-Times Media, LLC



POWER has been informed last Wednesday the Kankakee County Democratic Central Committee unanimously voted to not support locating a garbage dump in Kankakee County.  George Washington Jr. and Mike LaGesse missed the meeting.  This is great news!!  Please see the email below which I sent to Dr. Ed Piatt.  He was a speaker at the Democratic Central committee meeting who made the case as to why they should not support locating a mega garbage dump in Kankakee County.


We also have been informed the Villages of Sammons Point, Grant Park and Pembroke Township have vowed to take legal action against the Cook County/Chicago garbage dump being planned.


Now if we could only get Kankakee County Board Chairman Mike Bossert, Sheriff Tim Bukowski and States Attorney Jamie Boyd to cancelled the $20,000 per month contract they pushed the county board to vote for.  As you know the contract is with James D. Burnham, a consultant, who is trying to find someone to build a Cook County/Chicago area garbage dump on our good farmland because these three Kankakee County officials feel the current $32 million dollar county budget is not enough for a county of 113,000 residents. 


James.D. Burnham business phone is 630-333-5695.  Mr. Burnham appears to be working out of his home office in Downers Grove.  If you have not called him yet, leave a message on his voice mail with your thoughts on this grand plan for our county.    While you’re at it, please call Chairman Bossert at 815-937-3642 and leave a message on his voice mail with your thoughts on his grand plan.  Apathy does not get us anywhere only exercising your First Amendment Rights gets things done.


Please pass this information to everyone in Kankakee County.


-----Original Message-----
From: dwb70 <
To: epiatt <
Sent: Mon, Aug 12, 2013 5:16 pm


Hello Dr.Ed Piatt,


I want to thank you for taking a stand against locating a large garbage dump in Kankakee County.  I read the information handed out at the Democratic meeting and the information about all landfills leaking was very important.  I was glad to hear the Kankakee County Democratic Central Committee voted to oppose locating a mega garbage dump in Kankakee County. 



I wish to pass along to you the following information on today's garbage-to-energy companies.    As you know, today's high tech methods for using garbage as an energy source do not burn garbage.  These are the companies my organizations would like to see come to Kankakee County.  (We will oppose any effort to bring a dump here all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, just like the last time).



Two of the leaders in this industry are http://www.ineos.com/en/businesses/INEOS-Bio/  and http://www.newplanetenergy.com/.  Please see the attached recent press release.



They have a plant up and running in Vero Beach Florida.  One of our POWER board members, Dr. Dough Cork, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, who lives in Kankakee knows some of the people involved and has given talks on their technology.  This is the same technology Lake County Indiana has been seeking through a developer that would license the technology from Ineos.  Lake County Indiana officials are still seeking to have a garbage-to-energy plant built in their county creating hundreds of jobs.


Here is what Waste Management said about the future of dumping garbage in a landfill.  There will be no more dumping within 10 years.  http://blogs.marketwatch.com/specialreport/2012/03/22/trash-exec-no-landfill-disposal-in-10-years/.  Yet, our county board wants to seek a mega dump which will be out of date by the time it would open.  (Assuming the county  wins the court battle.)


Waste Management has partnered with at least three different garbage-to-energy companies who are building plants in the US, Canada and elsewhere so they are putting their money where their mouth is.  They are http://www.fulcrum-bioenergy.com/,  http://www.enerkem.com/en/home.html  and http://www.terrabon.com/.


Getting Kankakee County, Chicago and our state involved with cutting edge companies in this new industry and other new industries is one of the keys to turning our area and the state around in my opinion.



Again, thank you for your efforts in this matter.



Darrel W. Bruck Jr., POWER President




 Click here for the agreement Kankakee County Board Chairman Bossert signed with JDB Consultants, what appears to be a one man operation, operating out of his home.  The agreement is for $20,000 a month to find a dump developer who will locate a Chicago regional garbage dump here.  For every ton of garbage dumped in our county, the county government will get a sizable host fee.  100,000 tons of garbage can be dumped on each acre of farmland by hundreds of trucks daily.   Note the date mentioned in the body of the agreement as being April 2013, two months before the full county board voted for this agreement at their June meeting and well before the public was told.


It is our view a dump developer was already lined up two months before the June vote and a location chosen.  This is why there were no public hearings and States Attorney Jamie Boyd insisted the consultant would have a dump developer in less than 90 days. 


We are investigating leads we have on where the county planned mega Chicago garbage dump is being targeted for.  Our current information seems to be pointing to an area between Manteno and Grant Park. As you probably know the location information is being tightly guarded by Chairman Bossert and States Attorney Boyd.  A large tract of land between Grant Park and Manteno sold in May before the June County Board meeting.  We are taking a close look at this sale as it is likely the dump developer would purchase land before it was generally known by the public the county was seeking to establish a large dump for Chicago garbage.  Sellers are a lot more willing to sell if they have no idea of what is about to happen.  It is always possible this large land sale is not connected to the dump but it does warrant further investigation due to the timing of the sale, location and size of the deal.


Protecting Our Water Environment & River, nfp  (POWER) will be meeting this Tuesday, July 2, 5:30 pm at Paul's Place a restaurant located at 500 South Washington Ave. Kankakee.  Everyone is welcome.  We will be discussing how the dump siting process works as dictated by Illinois law.  We will also discuss the latest information we have on where the dump will be located.  POWER plans on being a legal objector no matter where the dump is located in the county.  Farmland, ground water aquifer and the river are far more valuable resources then a 200 feet high, hundreds of acres across, Chicago regional garbage dump.


POWER is devoted to local environmental issue only and has been fighting attempts to dump Chicago area garbage in Kankakee County since 2004.



Protecting Our Water Environment & River ,nfp  (POWER), would like to thank everyone who attended yesterday's Kankakee County board meeting.  We had a great turnout especially for a weekday morning meeting.  I know many of you wanted to be there but could not because you had to go to work.  Thanks to those who also spoke during public comment.

Those of you who attended got a first hand experience of how negative the board treats public input.  They want to avoid it like the plague.  This is why the board held no public hearings on changing the solid waste plan by passing the  Open for a Chicago regional garbage dump ordinance.  Clearly getting a mega Chicago Regional garbage dump here is on the fast tract and a dump developer has already express interest, something the younger board members seem to be blissfully naive about. 


Board members George Washington, Jr. and Steven Liehr stated the public that attended the meeting was ignorant  to just how safe dumping garbage into a mountain is.  In so many words they said the board knows best.


 Each board member was given a sheet by Chairman Bossert with positive comments to say about bringing a large dump here like the one on I-55 near Pontiac, 200 feet high and hundreds of acres across.  The whole thing was like a big play. Members had their lines printed out for them.  Only 5 out of 28 did not go with the scrip.  A special thanks county board members Larry Enz and Robert Snipes.  They consistently stood up for the citizens in this county.  I am sure Chairman Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd will come down hard on them.

As Chairman Bossert said yesterday, he did not go to bid or explore any other consultant then JDB Consulting Services which will be paid $20,000 a month or $240,000 annually.  No answer was given, when asked why he did not look into anyone else perhaps for a better deal.  The Illinois Secretary of State office indicates JDB Consulting is operated by James D Burnham of Downers Grove.  Business Phone:  630-333-5695.

Please call his voice mail and let him know whichever dump developer he brings here from Cook County, will not be welcome here because we are county in the watershed of the Kankakee River.  The people have fought and won against two other dump proposals and we will fight another one.  We do not want to be the dump for Chicago and Cook County because county government can not bring themselves to live within their means.



Please  read the minutes of the County Planning, Zoning and Agriculture committee.  It is worst than we thought.  If the full county board passes States Attorney Jamie Boyd's grand plan at the June 11 board meeting, the county will hire JDB consulting for $20,000 per month to go out and  sell a garbage dump developer on locating a Chicago Regional garbage dump  here for the money. 

 Start reading page 6. Review/Revision of County Solid Waste Plan.  States Attorney Boyd was clearly pushing the committee to do this.  Boyd say he expects a garbage dump applicant within 90 days if the full county board votes in favor of his grand plan.


All but one member on the committee voted yes.  It will go to the full county board for approval at next week's County board meeting, Tuesday, June 11 at 9:00 am.  The meeting will be at the administration building at the corner of Schuyler and Court Street.


Please talk to your neighbors, family and friends about this travesty before they target your part of the county.  We are a county in the watershed of the Kankakee River.  We are not a suitable location for a mega Chicago regional garbage dump.  We can do better as a community then this.  We need to fill the county board room Tuesday the11th, next week.  If you do not want to  speak under public comment, come and support those who will.

Over a hundred thousand people drink water from the Kankakee River.  What are they thinking?  Call Chairman Bossert, call your board member, come to next week's meeting before they target your area for huge garbage dump. Contact information is below.


 Some people have been asking for Kankakee County board members email addresses,  Please click here!  You can find your district by looking at the  map or on your voter's card.  

Please call or email Chairman Bossert and your board member, tell them to vote No to changing the County Solid Waste Plan from saying the county is not interested in mega garbage dump developers coming here to saying  the county board is seeking garbage dump developers to locate a mega Chicago regional garbage dump here.

We are a county in the watershed of the Kankakee River and the Illinois Geological Survey says this area is not appropriate for a mega garbage dump.  Areas being looked at  are east and west of Kankakee.  Limestone wells are already polluted by the Shell pipeline spill so some are saying this would be a good location.  Others are saying somewhere off of Hwy 17 East.

Also if you can, please attend next Tuesday's Kankakee County Board meeting, June 11.  It is at 9:00 am at the administration building, Court Street and Schuyler in Kankakee.   The board room is on the 4th floor.  Public comment is at the beginning of the meetings so you do not have to stay for more than 15 minutes.  We want to fill the room to show support for getting the board to vote NO to the grand plan to make this area the dump for the Chicago region. 



Plan of action, mega garbage dump war begins!

The Kankakee County Board will be voting to once again seek a mega Chicago Regional garbage dump to be located at a yet to be determined location in the county.  The reasons given is the need for millions more in revenue to pay for salary and benefit increases for elected officials and employees along with expanding the court house and hiring additional employees.


We need to stop this backwards thinking money grab before it gets started.  Several areas are being mentioned as possible locations for mega dump including eastern and western parts of the county.  We can do better then this.  Garbage is too valuable as an energy source to dump into mountains and Allied who has the lion share of the garbage contracts have their own dumps nearby.  Do you think they are going to stop using their own dumps to pay a competitor  to use theirs?   This is all about making the area the dump capital of Illinois for out of county garbage for the money.


The next county board meeting is Tuesday, June 11 at 9:00 AM at the administration building on Court and Schuyler, 4th floor.  Please make it your business to be there and speak during public comment.  If you won’t speak then support those who will.  Bring friends and family.  Mark your calendar now!


We ask everyone to call County Board Chairman Mike Bossert and their county board member before June 11 and tell them to vote NO, enough already with this issue. Half of the board will be up for reelection next year. Contact information is below.


POWER  will hold their June meeting this Tuesday, June 4, 5:30 PM at Paul’s Place, a restaurant at 500 South Washington Ave. Kankakee.  Everyone is welcome.  The mega dump will be the topic of discussion.

Thanks for your help!

Darrel W. Bruck Jr.,President

Kankakee County Board members Contact information.


Chairman Mike Bossert:  815-937-3642        


District 1  Roger Hess:  815-472-6170         


District 2   Jim Vickery  815472-2815


District 3  Todd Sirois:      815-427-9817


District 4  John Howard:  815-953-0717


District 5  Stan James:  815-937-9691


District 6  Robert Reid  815-509-9683


District 7  Jim Stauffenberg  815-468-6574


District 8  Ron Dodge  815-468-3605


District 9  Mike Bossert  815-9373642


District 10  Chris Tholen  815-936-9049


District 11 Todd Arseneau  815-530-6213


District 12  Don Flett   815-426-2278


District 13  Larry Enz  815-932-7837


District 14  Mike Mulcahy  815-933-5615


District 15  Andrew Wheeler  815-592-1984


District 16  Mike Hildebrand  815-933-1702


District 17  George Washington Jr.  815-937-9652


District 18  Robert Snipes  815-932-0963


District 19  Pat Poke   815-685-9220


District 20  Matt Whitis  815-933-7756


District 21 Mike LaGesse   815-932-4050


District 22  Chad Miller  815-928-8121


District 23  Jim Byrne  815-929-3799


District 24  Jim Tripp  815-933-5350


District 25  Bill Olthoff  815-939-1177


District 26  Jim Skutt  815-214-9399


District 27  Pat McConnell  815-932-2679


District 28  Steve Liehr  815-933-3554



Today the Kankakee County PZA committee voted to open up the Solid Waste Plan to consideration of siting a mega garbage dump in the County just three years after the last dump war ended. It will now go to the full county board maybe at the June 11, 9:00 AM board meeting. 


See below. I don't know Mr. Wheeler but he sounds like he understands the river, our water supply, is important even more important than money.  I hope he is serious about that.  He fails to mention the huge salary increases that were granted to elected officials not too long ago and all the family members of various department heads that are on the payroll.  


Is a mega Chicago regional garbage dump the best we can do?  Is this the best economic development Mike Van Mill and the Economic (do very little) Alliance of Kankakee County can do with their $180,000 taxpayer funded budget?  When is the last time you heard that someone from the Economic Alliance attends commercial or industrial trade shows touting our county's assets (water, rail, KCC, Olivet, I-57 and our airport) as a place to locate a new business?  My information is it is not being done.  Instead we are going to go after Chicago's garbage.


We will join the opposition from whatever area of the County is targeted for the dump.  We will make every attempt to tie it up in court, at least 5 years, meaning the soonest the county would see any dump revenue from a operating dump would be 2020.

Darrel W. Bruck Jr., President


The following was copied and pasted from Andrew Wheeler's County Board District 15 Facebook page.


Andrew Wheeler Kankakee County Board District 15

05/29/2013, 10 hours ago near Kankakee

Here are some notes from today's Planning/Zoning/Agriculture Committee Meeting today:

The big news is that we re-opened the County Solid Waste Plan, and are recommending to the full board that we ammend it to allow for a consideration of siting a landfill, or to accept other bids for viable waste remediation/disposal technologies. 

In short, we are recommending that the full board authorize a consultant to handle the evaluation of potential partners who may find value in locating their facilities here. We will be starting the process of looking at how we address this very imoportant issue in the long-term best interest of ALL of our County residents. 
I will tell you all this:

Under no circumstances will I accept or approve a landfill near our river, nor will I let alternative waste technologies go unexplored during this process. I was against the landfill by our river before, and I stand by that position today. 

That dosen't mean that I am ignorant to the basic fact that we need somewhere to dispose of, or a means of disposing of waste. I am all for the "silk purse out of a sows ear" thought process, but not at the expense of public safety and health. Let's look at how the Dutch landfill as little as they do while we go down this road. Let's look at recycling in all of our communities locally. 

We are already taxed near the top of the list of County's in the entire U.S..........We are 12th, I believe, so how can we ask the taxpayers to fund mandated infrastructure without looking at all possible revenue alternatives? 

We can discuss how there need to be more employers here, and businesses providing jobs, and I am all in for that discussion. You can discuss how our housing value drop lead the entire nation in the first quarter of 2013 (18% drop) for the Kankakee-Bradley MSA....and that is a valid discussion to have. But the fact remains that we need revenue, responsibly. Everything is on the table for a look-see. If it's a bad deal, I will say so. And I am sure all of you will have an opinion, as you should. 

We all know Springfield, Chicago, and Washington are not doing us ANY favors in this regard! They keep shifting more and more of the cost to us here locally, and that trend shows no sign of letting up. Just the opposite, actually.





 Joan Reed Memorial in Lieu of monthly POWER meeting

 Joan Reed, political activist, environmentalist, passed away recently April 11th. Since services were held in her hometown of West Chicago, POWER would like to invite all who were touched by this wonderful lady to attend a memorial, Tuesday, May 7th  5:30pm at River North restaurant in Kankakee (formerly Sully’s).

Joan was on the POWER board, the Kankakee River Round Table and spearheaded many causes in her short 20 year history in Kankakee County. For all those touched by her activities in the community, please join us.



For immediate release:

The board of directors of Protecting Our Water Environment and River, NFP (POWER) announces the appointment of Kankakee resident Dr. Douglas J. Cork, Professor of Biological Sciences, Chemical & Physical Sciences at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago to the POWER board of directors.

Dr. Cork’s expertise and leadership will be very helpful to POWER’s opposition to any and all future attempts to site a garbage dump within Kankakee County since we are a county located in the watershed of the Kankakee River. 


Darrel W. Bruck Jr., President




Dear  Daily Journal staff members,
Many of us citizens of Kankakee County, who worked for years fighting against a landfill, were appalled at Lee Provost's recent article resurrecting this issue. He was upset the City/County did not receive the money the dumps  would have potentially brought in. Does he not remember the studies and public outcry against this environmental disaster? Is money more important than protecting our precious Kankakee River not only for us now but for future generations? What a shame that this County has come so far to even consider taking another step backward.
Respectfully,   Amy Ciaccio-Jarvis, Vice President of POWER



The IEPA illegal dumping case, No. 07 CH 303, against Tom Volini and his company Town & Country Utilities has finally been settled.  This case has gone on for over 5 years.  The other defendant, Fred Bruno Barbara settled  in 2009.  See the Fred Bruno Barbara settlement document here.
 The attached documents include the settlement with  Tom Volini and the motion by the Illinois Attorney Generals office for  Discovery Sanctions against Tom Volini which brought about the settlement.
As you recall, the illegal dumping took place near the Tom Volini and Fred Barbara proposed Chicago regional garbage dump (landfill) by Minnie Creek near the Kankakee County Fair grounds.  It is our hope that The Daily Journal and the Herald will cover this news.


 POWER would like to publicly thank the Kankakee County Rotary Club for inviting us to participate in their Friday May 11 silent auction fund raiser to benefit  Kankakee area nonprofits and the Rotary.  The fund raiser took place at the Hilton in Kankakee.



At the May 8 Kankakee County board meeting, the board approved a 5 year update to the  Kankakee County Solid Waste Plan. 

A presentation was given by Mr. Mike Van Mill at the March 27, 2012 Regional Planning Commission meeting. The presentation can be found here: Solid Waste Plan Presentation

 The 5 year update will run from now until 2017.    The plan states Kankakee County will not consider siting applications for a new or expanded landfill facility within the county for a period of five years.  Instead, the county will rely on transfer stations and out-of-county regional landfill facilities for waste disposal.  Siting applications for additional transfer stations will be considered. 


However, the plan also states landfill siting applications for anywhere in the county may be considered within the five-year period if the county board determines that :  regional landfill capacity is not sufficient for Kankakee County waste disposal, unacceptable increases in disposal costs within the county has occurred or unacceptable decreases in transfer station capacity within the county has occurred.  POWER believes this part of the plan update is very vague and worrisome.  


The Solid Waste Management Plan update did not include any current information on the garbage-to-energy technologies even though the chief executive officer of Waste Management recently stated at a Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics conference the garbage now going to dumps can be turned into fuel and soon all landfill material will be recycled within 10 years, meaning no more land filling.  Read No Landfill Disposal in 10 Years.  



A new Illinois law effective January 1, 2012 authorizes the Department of State Police to use moneys in the Household Pharmaceutical Disposal Fund to make grants to local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of facilitating local prescription drug disposal programs. HB2056    



The Kankakee County Board Solid Waste Management Plan Committee will be holding a Public Hearing Tuesday January 24 at 6:00 PM for the purpose of taking public comment on what should be written into the County plan.  Both written and or public comments will be taken. The hearing will take place at the County Administration Building, 4th floor board room at the corner of Schuyler and Court Street, Kankakee.  If you can’t be there, please send written comments to Chairman Mike Bossert, 189 E. Court Street Kankakee, 60901 or administration@k3county.net   815-937-3642.


A key part of the proposed language change to the Solid Waste Management Plan is whether our county will allow a garbage dump to be sited and if allowed, where.  This is important as what they decide will be in effect 2012 through 2017.


We need to fill up the room as a show of support for opposition to those who would invite garbage dump developers back to Kankakee County with no regard for the Kankakee and Iroquois Rivers or the aquifers which feed the rivers and water wells.  We already have hundreds of wells polluted in Limestone Township from the Shell pipe line spill.


 Most of the County is in the immediate watershed of the river making the area not suitable for dumping thousands of chemicals that will percolate together when garbage is dumped into a mountain which is what a landfill is, a mountain of garbage which will leak. This is serious especially when you consider thousands of people get their water from wells and the Kankakee River, not to mention the wild life. Besides, there are superior high tech garbage-to-energy technologies that are being pursued elsewhere, including by our neighbors 30 miles to the east in Lake County Indiana.


POWER will be meeting at 5:30 in the 4th floor hallway before the 6:00 PM Public Hearing.


Please stand up and be counted!  Apathy is not the answer!


The POWER board of directors oppose any language in this plan that would allow a garbage dump to be sited in Kankakee County. 



POWER's long time friend and attorney Ed Vogt passed away on Monday, November 14.  Ed's last legal work was representing Byron Sandberg pro bono against the garbage dump proposed by developers Fred Barbara and Tom Volini.   Byron was a long time supporter of POWER's  fight against the proposed dump and Ed agreed to come out of retirement and represent Mr. Sandberg.

Ed's case ultimately did win at the Appellate Court.  The Appellate Court ruled the garbage dump developer’s second application for their proposed garbage dump with the City of Kankakee failed to wait the required two years after the Illinois Pollution Control Board ruled against their first application for failure to prove protection of the health and safety of the community.  Kankakee County also won their case which proved the proposed dump was noncompliant with the Kankakee County Solid Waste Management Plan.

Ed will be greatly missed!

 Scroll down below to read some of the pass postings on Ed’s fight against the proposed garbage landfill dump. 



The Kankakee County Planning Department is working on updating the Kankakee County Solid Waste Management Plan .  To see the Planning Department's Solid Waste Management Plan Approval Process,  click here.  They are at the first step which is the Subcommittee Meeting Review.

 Many things are on the table for discussion including the three landfill (garbage dump) options below.

1)  No further landfill development and rely upon transfer stations.

2) Keep Solid Waste Management Plan wording as is which targets Otto Township as a dump site.

3) Open to private industry on "suitable land"  for a garbage dump.


There are two garbage transfer stations in the county, Allied in Momence and United in Bradley.  They are hauling our garbage to dumps outside of the county.  This system has been working with no problems for several years since the old Waste Management dump south of the fair grounds and the airport closed after failing to get approval for a 302 acre expansion.  Another dump proposal in Otto Township west of the fairgrounds was also  defeated after an 8 year battle.

Unfortunately there are a few people at the county level who still want to make our community a mega garbage dump site.  It is their idea of economic development.  POWER could not disagree more.  Garbage dumps are not positive economic development and they create few jobs.

Over the coming decade garbage dumps are going to be a thing of the past do to the new high tech garbage-to-energy technologies.  It takes hard work and cold calling to bring in quality economic development to the area.  Putting out the welcome sign to garbage dump developers yet again  is  taking the easy way out because garbage is always looking for a place to be piled up into mountains with few takers.

The next County Solid Waste Management Plan subcommittee meeting is Tuesday, November 15, 6:00 P.M. at the county administration building on the corner of Schuyler Ave. and Court Street in Kankakee.  The meeting will be in the 4th floor board room.   POWER supports landfill option One which is "No further landfill development and rely upon transfer stations."



A draft update of the Kankakee County Solid Waste Plan  is posted on the county website.  It is posted as a "Patrick Engineering work in progress"  Read it here! 


June 16, 2011


Public Service Announcement:  Event, Saturday, July 30, 2011


How should you dispose of  medication that has expired or has been replaced when  your doctor has changed a prescription?  The common practice of flushing pills down the toilet has a harmful effect on waterways and their ecosystems.  The safe option is to participate in a medication take-back program. 

POWER (Protecting Our Water, Environment, and River) and KAMEG (Kanakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group) will sponsor a medication take-back program to be held on Saturday, July 30, 2011, between 10:00 a. m.  and 2:00 p. m., at the Kankakee County Municipal Health Department at 2390 West Station Street, Kankakee.  This is a “no questions asked” prescription drug collection.  The drugs will be collected and turned over to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) for proper disposal. 

For public health and safety, dispose of your prescription drugs this way.  Also, drop boxes are located in the lobbies in the municipal police stations, which are open 24 hours a day.

For questions, contact Joan Reed at 815-932-7763 or joanreed100@yahoo.com.


February 14, 2011

 Illinois EPA cites Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA)  for improper operational conditions leading to plant explosion and clean water violations.


Illinois EPA February 9, 2011 Press Release:

Springfield---The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has issued a violation notice to the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) for violations of the Environmental Protection Act and Illinois Regulations.  The agency alleges that an illegal release into the waters of the state occurred as a result of a December 27, 2010, explosion that damaged the KRMA waste water treatment plant.

According to information gathered during Illinois EPA's post-explosion investigation, methane gas accumulated in the digester, causing the explosion and damaging the waste digestion facilities.  This resulted in a discharge of biosolids to the Kankakee River.  The violation notice alleges improper operational conditions leading to the methane build-up, as well as for the discharge of biosolids to the river.

Shortly after the explosion, the Illinois EPA inspector discovered that biosolids from the digesters, diluted with clean waster from a broke water line, were being discharged via a 10 inch sewer line to the Kankakee River.  Discharges of sludge to the river resulting from the explosion have since been halted.

In the violation notice, the Illinois EPA asks KRMA to endure that discharge of any contaminants that cause or threaten to cause water pollution have ceased and establish and implement procedures to assure that further discharges of contaminants do not occur.  Compliance is expected to be pursued immediately.

KRMA has 45 days to respond to the Agency's allegations.  They may also request a meeting with Illinois EPA staff to discuss the allegations and/or potential resolutions.


February 11, 2011

The garbage-to-ethanol industry holds summit in Chicago. Some of the big names in the industry are scheduled to attend, including Waste Management, Cascadia, Coskata, Covanta and Ineos Bio.   One of the featured speakers will be Earl Powers, the principal owner of Powers Energy of America, the company that is building a plant just across the state line from Kankakee County in Schneider Indiana. 

It is our hope the Economic Alliance of Kankakee County has a representative at this summit.  We are not holding our breath on that one.


Post-Tribune    http://posttrib.suntimes.com/news/3737192-418/trash-to-ethanol-industry-to-meet-in-chicago.html

Trash to ethanol industry to meet in Chicago

CHICAGO — Powers Energy, the company planning a $285 million trash-to-ethanol plant in Schneider, is slated as one of 20 featured speakers at Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuels Summit 2011, a how-to event focusing on the emerging biofuels industry.

The two-day summit, set for today and Friday at the Wyndham Hotel, is drawing 120 attendees from around the country and internationally, said Oliver Saunders, international event director for Eye For Energy, organizer for the summit, based in London.

For more information go to  http://posttrib.suntimes.com/news/3757767-418/biofuels-summit-has-lake-link.html


February 11, 2011

Great news!  Read the press release at  http://www.ineosbio.com/76-Press_releases-15.htm .  The global British company, INEOS has started construction of its garbage-to-energy plant in Vero Beach Florida.  INEOS has license their technology to SMC LLC, the company building a plant just across the state line in Schneider, Indiana.  The INEOS U. S. headquarters is in Lisle, Illinois. 

These plants will take garbage at the half the cost of a landfill and sell the resulting fuel creating hundreds of good paying jobs while paying a host fee to the local community similar to what a landfill pays.   It’s a win, win for any community who gets one of these plants.   The technology was invented by the University of Arkansas and purchased by INEOS which is now building plants and licensing the technology to other companies.


February 1, 2011

KRMA, Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency  waste water treatment plant U.S. EPA compliance report shows significant non-compliant effluent violations.  Full report here!  Explosions prevented at plants elsewhere with proper safety devices in place.  Details here!  Here is what KRMA should be doing with the bio-solids produced at the plant.  http://enertech.com/facilities/sitedevelopments/rcrf.html


January 26, 2011

Alliance Federated Energy based in Milwaukee,  http://afe.excitestaging.com/index.php is the second garbage-to-energy company seeking to build a plant in Gibson City Illinois.  The first company is Eco Manufacturing based in Massachusetts.  See the articles below.  Both companies use Westinghouse Plasma gasification technology.


The News-Gazette:  Serving Central Illinois

Gibson City mayor optimistic on recycling plant

GIBSON CITY – Mayor Dan Dickey said after meeting with a developer this week that he was "very optimistic" and was "looking forward to hearing more" about the firm's interest in bringing a second plasma-gasification waste-recycling plant to Gibson City.

Officials with Milwaukee-based Alliance Federated Energy, a developer of renewable-energy projects with a specific focus on plasma-gasification technology, met with the mayor and members of the city council for two hours Tuesday, outlining their interest in developing a facility that would convert into renewable energy an estimated 1,000 tons of waste per day.

For the rest of the story click here  http://www.news-gazette.com/news/environment/2011-01-20/gibson-city-mayor-optimistic-recycling-plant.html


December 8, 2010

See the 11-30-10 News-Gazette article below.  A garbage-to-energy plant is being planned for Gibson City, Illinois.  Eco Manufacturing, LLC. will start out processing 200 tons of garbage per day.   Watch a 10 minute video about the Westinghouse Plasma gasification technology they will be using.  Click here http://www.ecomanufacturingco.com/technology.html.  This is a different technology then is being built across the state line in Schneider Indiana.  The plant in Schneider will be converting garbage to ethanol.  Gibson City is in Ford County about 1 hour south of Kankakee according to Google map.   

Garbage is too valuable as an energy source to dump into mountains.  The amount of garbage going to landfills in the next 10 years is going to drop big time.  It has been reported by the Indiana media the Allied landfill in Indiana, now taking Lake County garbage, will lose 80% of its revenue when the garbage-to-ethanol plant opens in Schneider. 


The News-Gazette:  Serving Central Illinois

Deal in works for Ford County waste-recycling plant

GIBSON CITY – An agreement is in the works between the Ford County Board and Eco Manufacturing LLC, a Massachusetts-based company that has proposed building the nation's first plasma-gasification waste-recycling plant in Gibson City.

For the rest of the story click here http://www.news-gazette.com/news/environment/2010-11-30/deal-works-ford-county-waste-recycling-plant.html


October 14, 2010

Press releases



INEOS Bio secures key permits for BioEnergy Center in Florida

Vero Beach, Fla. INEOS Bio’s first commercial project in the United States has secured key permits to build its waste to bioenergy facility in Indian River County, Florida. The INEOS Bio joint venture has obtained its final air permit and environmental resource permit from the State of Florida, its wetlands permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (Finding) from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).


The BioEnergy Center will be developed entirely within the existing footprint of a former agricultural processing facility. The DOE Finding and Environmental Assessment established that the BioEnergy Center would have no adverse impacts with respect to sound, traffic, air quality, water quality or to threatened or endangered species. The assessment also found that no changes to land use, planning or zoning were necessary and will not result in any significant change to the existing visual quality of the site and surrounding area. As part of the extensive assessment, the DOE requested input from various entities including Federal, state, local agencies, elected officials, tribal interests, businesses, organizations and members of the general public.


"We are very pleased that the State of Florida, the Army Corps and the DOE have issued these permits and findings for our project, said David King, President of JV. We have spent considerable effort to design a state of the art facility to not only ensure compliance but also to minimize our impact on the environment."


The BioEnergy Center will generate eight million gallons of third-generation bioethanol each year from renewable biomass including yard, wood, agricultural and vegetative wastes. The Center will also generate six megawatts of renewable electricity. The facility will be the first to use INEOS Bio’s advanced BioEnergy technology, the world’s leading feedstock flexible technology for advanced biofuels. The technology breaks the link between food crops and ethanol production.


At the heart of the INEOS Bio technology is a patented anaerobic fermentation step, through which naturally occurring bacteria convert gases derived directly from biomass into bioethanol.


Unlike other technologies that rely on one primary source of feedstock, the INEOS Bio process can produce bioenergy from numerous feedstocks, including forestry and agricultural waste, sustainable energy crops, construction waste and municipal solid waste. This flexibility allows facilities to be built anywhere that a renewable biomass feedstock is available, providing jobs and locally sourced energy for urban and rural communities. The Indian River facility is scheduled to begin construction in 4th quarter of 2010 and begin production in 2012.



Dan Cummings
(w) 630-857-7165 (c) 630-328-3916

Note to editors

INEOS New Planet BioEnergy (www.inpbioenergy.com) is a joint venture between INEOS Bio and New Planet Energy. In December 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) selected the INEOS Bio JV to receive a $50 million grant to help lay the foundation for full commercial-scale development of the biorefining industry in the United States. This project is part of the ongoing effort to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil, spur the creation of the domestic biorefining industry and provide new clean tech jobs throughout the country.

www.ineosbio.com) is a BioEnergy company working to commercialize and license a highly innovative thermochemical and bio-chemical technology for the production of renewable biofuels and renewable power from a wide range of low-cost carbon materials. Its initial focus is the commercialization of the world’s leading third generation bioethanol technology process to serve the global renewable transport fuels market and the renewable energy market. 

INEOS (www.ineos.com) is the world’s fourth largest petrochemical company and a leading manufacturer of commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, biofuels, and oil products. Comprising 15 businesses, with a production network spanning 51 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries (15 sites are located in North America) the company produces more than 40 million tons of petrochemicals, and 20 million tons per annum of crude oil refined products (fuels). INEOS employs over 3000 people in the US, 2000 of which are based at facilities in Texas. INEOS had sales in 2009 of $28.6 billion.

New Planet Energy
(www.newplanetenergy.com) is engaged in the development and



July 23, 2010

Area residents report seeing a brown scum on the Kankakee River, upstream from the Kankakee damn. 

Anyone who sees anything unusual in the river should fie a complaint with the IEPA at http://www.epa.state.il.us/pollution-complaint/. This link is the Illinois EPA  citizen's complaint webpage.  Once there, click on "completing and submitting" to go to the online complaint form.

It has also been reported in The Daily Journal, state environmental and conservation officials are investigating a fish kill on the Iroquois River.  POWER has learned the University of Illinois is testing water samples.

The Iroquois River empties into the Kankakee River upstream from the Kankakee damn near Aroma Park.  Aqua Illinois's water intake pipe is also in this area.  Aqua Illinois provides water from the Kankakee River to thousands in Kankakee County and outside of the county..


July 15, 2010                      8-13-10 IL AGO follow up Motion to Compel Answers

Fred Barbara and Tom Volini sell most of their proposed dump land to area farmer.  The Illinois E.P.A. illegal dumping case No. 07 CH 303  against Volini still on going.

The land which was not sold is the site of the illegal dumping.   The farmer refused to buy it! 

The latest hearing on the illegal dumping case took place at the Kankakee County Court House, July 15.  Nancy Tikalsky, the attorney from the Illinois Attorney Generals office,   told the judge that Volini has failed to provide documents and information in the case.  Leonard Sacks, the attorney representing Tom Volini and his company Town & Country Utilities, argued they did not have to comply. The judge ruled in favor of the AGO attorney's motion to compel Mr. Volini to comply.  The next hearing is Friday 8-13-10 at 9:00 A.M. room 204 in the Kankakee County Court House.


March 25, 2010

The Illinois Supreme Court has declined Fred Barbara & Tom Volini's request to appeal  the 3rd District Appellate Court rulings against their proposed dump!


Great News!! POWER has learned the Illinois Supreme Court has declined  Fred Barbara and Tom Volini's request to appeal the 3rd District Appellate Court rulings against their proposed Chicago regional garbage dump with the City of Kankakee.  This means the 8 year battle against this dump proposal is over.  Click here to read the Illinois Supreme Court denial.


February 19, 2010


River Valley Recycling (RVR) and Kankakee VFW Post 2857 have teamed up for inaugural "1st Saturday” paper drive.


 Kyle Bruno, President of River Valley Recycling (RVR) and Commander Mike Pitts, Kankakee VFW Post # 2857 have teamed up to conduct the  inaugural "1st Saturday" Paper Drive.

This "1st Saturday" concept envisions providing a standard day on which RVR will place containers at designated sites around Kankakee County that have been coordinated by the Veterans Service Organizations, Task Force Hammer, for the convenience of area citizens to donate recyclables in support of Rebuilding Together.

As this concept develops, area citizens will be able to "stockpile" their recyclables monthly and then bring them to their local site on the "1st Saturday" to make their donation. 100% of the receipts from these materials will go to repairing the homes of our seniors and Veterans. This is a great way to provide our young people the opportunity to become involved in making a difference  monthly through a very worthwhile community project.

On the "1st Saturday" in March, March 6th, RVR will place a container in the parking lot at the Kankakee VFW Post #2857 located at 756 West Jeffery Street. This "trial" container will be available for only newspaper and other paper products from 8:30am until 11:30am. Based upon response and demand containers will be added for other materials on future "1st Saturdays." 

For more information contact James A. Ryan.
815.935.1936 (Office)

815.931.0628 (Mobile)


December 5, 2009

Good News!!

Illinois Appellate Court Rules Against Fred Barbara's Second Chicago Regional Landfill Application.


Retired local attorney Ed Vogt, who represents the POWER sponsored case (Byron Sandberg) against the second application for the proposed Fred Barbara Chicago regional landfill and the other petitioners which include Kankakee County,  received notice today from the Illinois Appellate  Court of their findings. 

Two out of the three judges ruled against the second dump application because the applicant failed to wait the required two years, before they filed the second application, after the first application was turned down by the Illinois Pollution Control Board because it failed to prove protection of the health and safety of the community. 
In addition to the above, all three judges ruled  unanimously against the second dump application because it is non-compliant with the Kankakee County Sold Waste Plan which calls for only one dump in the county. 

Read the full Appellate Court decision here.  Give it time to load as it is 42 pages long.


This decision comes after the Illinois Supreme Court, in March, ordered the Appellate Court to vacate their decision in favor of the Fred Barbara second dump application.

The March Illinois Supreme Court Supervisory order reads as follows.

 "In the exercise of its supervisory authority, the Illinois Supreme Court has ordered the appellate court to vacate its prior order and ordered it to reconsider the issues". It stated: "The appellate court will not be flippant in its decision, but will act with the utmost decorum and give the issues the attention and consideration they deserve. The appellate court will address the issues thoroughly and completely." The court has given the current panel the option of reassigning the case to another panel, and stated: "Failure to comply with this supervisory order in all respects will result in the appellate court's decision being summarily vacated and the cause remanded to a different panel of justices." The underlined portions are the Illinois Supreme Court's emphasis.

Fred Barbara does have the opportunity to appeal the Illinois Appellate Court decision against his proposed dump to the Illinois Supreme Court.  It is also very possible, the Illinois Supreme Court will not hear the case, give the fact they have already ruled against the first Fred Barbara dump application, ruling it failed to prove protection of the health and safety of the community.

Fred Barbara may also choose to not appeal since the FAA recently got involved with this issue after OUTRAGE informed the FAA the proposed dump would be less then 10,000 feet from the airport runway.  Furthermore with the just announced decision to construct a National Guard base on the airport’s west side, it is likely the National Guard would also object to a huge bird attractant in its immediate air space. Details here.


August 21, 2009

Fred Barbara has reached a settlement with the IEPA in the illegal dumping case against his company, Kankakee Regional Landfill LLC.

Please click settlement document  to read the details.  This document was obtained from the Kankakee County Circuit Clerk's Office.  Take note of the very last page where Fred Bruno Barbara has signed as manager of defendant company, Kankakee Regional Landfill LLC.

Other defendants, Tom Volini  as an individual and his company Town & Country Utilities, Inc., have not settled.  The case against them will continue 9:00 a.m. Tuesday  November 17 at the Kankakee County Court House, room 204.

One other defendant in the case, a former partner in the land, Edward F. Heil had the case against him dropped by the IEPA because he sold his interest in the land.

To read the full case brought by the IEPA, click read the law suit here.  To get background information on Fred Barbara and Tom Volini, click on their names.

 Lawsuit background:

Fred Barbara's company, Kankakee Regional Landfill, LLC, Tom Volini  as an individual and his company Town & Country Utilities, Inc., the developers of the proposed Chicago regional garbage dump with the City of Kankakee,  are being sued by the Illinois EPA over illegal dumping near their proposed dump site.  Also being sued is their former partner in the land, Edward Heil.  Case   No. 07 CH 303 which is being heard at the Kankakee County Court House.  The IEPA is represented by the Illinois Attorney Generals Office.  Protecting Our Water Environment & River, NFP. POWER obtained pictures of  illegal dumping of semi-truck loads of construction debris and other garbage and turned them over to the IEPA which resulted in this suit. 


August 19, 2009

Great News! The U.S. Dept. of Transportation, FAA has responded to a letter with supporting documents from the local citizens’ group OUTRAGE.  They are going to do a new review of the proposed Fred Barbara garbage dump.   They say the  minimum 10,000 feet distance from the airport runway to the proposed dump is a requirement. 

The letter was about the proposed garbage dump and the danger it poses to aircraft flying in and out of the Kankakee Valley Airport.  It will be a major water and food source for thousands of birds and will be less then 10,000 feet from the runway as measured by GPS.   OUTRAGE sent the letter in response to POWER’s request of the Kankakee Valley Airport Authority to rescind any and all ordinances supporting the construction of the proposed Fred Barbara and Tom Volini  garbage dump.  The letter was sent to  the National Director of the FAA, Regional Administrator of the FAA, Secretary Ray Lahood of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Representative Debbie Halvorson and the Illinois Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division.  Click here to read the OUTRAGE letter, supporting documents and the FAA response!


Great news!!!

March 26, 2009

The Illinois Supreme Court took action today. They ordered the Appellate Court to vacate their decision in favor of the Fred Barbara and Tom Volini second dump application.

Here is what they said. "In the exercise of its supervisory authority, the Illinois Supreme Court has ordered the appellate court to vacate its prior order and ordered it to reconsider the issues". It stated: "The appellate court will not be flippant in its decision, but will act with the utmost decorum and give the issues the attention and consideration they deserve. The appellate court will address the issues thoroughly and completely." The court has given the current panel the option of reassigning the case to another panel, and stated: "Failure to comply with this supervisory order in all respects will result in the appellate court's decision being summarily vacated and the cause remanded to a different panel of justices." The underlined portions are the Illinois Supreme Court's emphasis.

What does this mean? It means the recent Appellate Court decision to reverse their previous decision to stop the second dump application is not being allowed by the Illinois Supreme Court. The Illinois Supreme Court is ordering the three Appellate Court judges involved in this case to go back and do their job instead of ignoring most of the issues argued against the dump. If they fail to do so the Illinois Supreme Court will send the case to three different Appellate Court judges who will do the job. This is a big set back for dump developers Fred Barbara and Tom Volini.

Lake County Indiana Solid Waste Officials Speak At Local Public Forum About The Privately Funded Garbage-to-Ethanol Plant Being Built In Their Community.

February 20, 2009

On February 9, two Lake County Indiana solid waste officials traveled to the City of Kankakee to speak at a public forum about the privately funded garbage-to-ethanol plant breaking ground in the next few months in their community. This public forum was organized by Tim and Karen Schmidt and was held at the Community Resource Center.

The garbage-to-ethanol plant will create 400 construction jobs and140 plus jobs to run the plant at $18.00 per hour and up. Waste Management and Allied have requested to take garbage to this plant because the plant will only charge $17.50 per ton to take garbage while garbage dumps cost up to three times that much. Chicago is also signing an agreement to railroad some of their garbage to this plant and purchase the ethanol produced for their fleet of vehicles. The technology is very clean and is well below all Federal EPA requirements. Far cleaner then any dump. They will pay $2.50 per ton in host fees and 3 cents per gallon of ethanol produced to local government generating 10's of millions dollars. Garbage removal cost for residents and businesses will be reduced by 66%.

To watch the meeting, please click here http://blip.tv/file/5048538

For a copy of the handout sheet you can print out, provide by the Lake County officials, please click here Lake County Indiana garbage-to-ethanol.pdf

In addition to the hand out, they are also making available thousands of dollars of research material they did on the business plan and science being used by this company. A major accounting firm studied the business plan and Purdue University did a study of the science. Both organizations gave a glowing report. A plant in Arkansas is available for touring. See it here http://www.ineosbio.com/80-Video.htm

Kankakee County Board Will Appeal The Proposed Garbage Dump

January 13, 2009

The Kankakee County Board voted 23 to 2 in favor of appealing the proposed Fred Barbara and Tom Volini garbage dump to the Illinois Supreme court at today's county board meeting. Only two county board members opposed appealing to the Illinois Supreme Court. They were county board member Karen Campbell (who recently retired from working for the city of Kankakee) 932-1803 and county board member Leo Whitten, 929-0792. They believe the proposed Chicago regional garbage dump should be allowed to dump garbage directly into the aquifer, in the immediate water shed of the river, next to Minnie Creek which drains directly into the river upstream from the Aqua Illinois water intake pipe. Three other county board members were absent.

This is a huge victory for the community. Thanks to all who got involved and a big thank you to the Kankakee County Board!

Did former State Rep. Phil Novak sell out the area's clean water source to boost his salary and pension by participating in Governor Blagojevich's "Pay for Play"? You be the judge!

December 14, 2008

In the summer of 2002, Fred Barbara and Tom Volini submitted their first application for a 236 acre Chicago regional garbage dump to the City of Kankakee through their company Kankakee Regional Landfill, LLC. The site they chose is a very flood prone area next to Minnie Creek which drains directly into the river two miles away, up stream from the Aqua Illinois water intake pipe. The city council held a hearing and gave their OK to the proposal after being promised millions in garbage host fees.

From there the application went to the Illinois Pollution Control Board. The IPCB had a different opinion; they turned it down on the grounds the proposal failed to prove protection of the health and safety of the community. Barbara and Volini responded by appealing the decision all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court where they lost. While the appeal was going on, they filed a second dump application with the City of Kankakee in the summer of 2003 for the same 236 acre location. This was during the first year of the first term of the newly elected governor, Rod Blagojevich. The city council once again approved the dump proposal.

Coincidentally local State Representative Phil Novak resigned his state rep seat and the newly elected governor appointed him to the IPCB as chairman, effective December 1 of that year. According to an April 27, 2008 Chicago Tribune front page story, titled, "The governor's $25,000 club" Phil Novak threw a fund raiser for Blagojevich in July, 2002 which raised $19,000. It also stated that on July 9, 2002, he personally donated $25,000 to Blagojevich campaign fund  bringing his total donations to $26,000 and was appointed to the Illinois Pollution Control Board as chairman on December 1, 2003 at a salary of $102,800. The Tribune article says this was a substantial boost in salary for Mr. Novak and a substantial boost to his state pension, when he retired in 2005. It is very unusual for a new person on the IPCB to be appointed chairman.

When the second Barbara and Volini dump application was sent to the IPCB under Phil Novak, it was approved even though the previous IPCB had ruled the opposite and was backed up by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Did Phil Novak get a significant boost to his salary and his pension for a short term appointment to the IPCB in exchange for campaign donations and the promise to approve a dump for friends of the governor and Mayor Daley? Has our water supply i.e. the river and deep aquifer, been sold out through one of the governor's Play to Pay schemes? Will the Kankakee County board appeal the Phil Novak Pollution Control Board decision in favor of the dump to the Illinois Supreme Court? They will be voting at the January 13, 9:00 AM board meeting to either quit or to continue the fight by appealing.

Attorney Edward R. Vogt offers free representation to the county to fight the proposed Fred Barbara and Tom Volini garbage dump. See his letter below.

Mr. John J. Boyd

Kankakee County States Attorney

450 E. Court St., Kankakee, Il 60901


Dear Mr. Boyd:

As previously discussed, I will be happy to represent the County, pro bono, in the Illinois Supreme Court, to assure continuation of the County's fight against the proposed water polluting Barbara/Volini landfill.

It is essential for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of all residents that this landfill be stopped.

This letter confirms my earlier oral offer to represent the County.

Your failure to respond to my request, in writing, will be deemed to be a denial of my request.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Edward R. Vogt

Attorney at Law

Kankakee, Il 60901

POWER Petitions The Illinois Supreme Court To Have The Fred Barbara/Tom Volini Garbage Dump Approval Overturned.

November 5, 2008

Through its attorney Edward Vogt, POWER filed a petition with the Illinois Supreme Court, asking the Court to overturn the 3rd. District Appellate Court's approval of the city sponsored Fred Barbara/Tom Volini garbage dump.

POWER has been fighting for nearly 5 years to protect the public's health, safety and welfare from the toxic ravages of a proposed water contaminating garbage dump.

The petition is highly critical of the location of the proposed dump, which if built, will be blasted down into the aquifer, which supplies water to our rivers and our water supply. The petition is equally critical of the proposed theoretical architecture of the landfill, which is fatally flawed

The Illinois Supreme Court previously overturned the first Barbara/Volini application for its failure to protect the public's health, safety and welfare. The present application, under appeal, is substantially the same as the one previously denied by the Illinois Supreme Court.

POWER needs financial assistance to continue its work. If the appeal to the Supreme Court does not result in a denial the group is prepared to sue the City, the Applicant and the State of Illinois for violating the Federal Clean Water Act. Other such suits have been successful and resulted in denial of other water threatening garbage dumps.

POWER is a tax-deductible 501C3 charitable organization. All donations are fully tax deductible. Please send all donations to POWER P.O. Box 169 Bradley, Illinois 60915 or if using a credit card, please click on the PayPal donate button on the left.


Illinois Supreme Court Orders The Third District Appellate Court To Vacate Their April 24 Decision.

June 6, 2008

POWER has learned the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the The County's motion for a supervisory order. As a result, the Illinois Supreme Court, in the exercise of its supervisory authority, has directed the Third District Appellate Court to vacate their April 24 decision to reverse their 2006 denial of the second Barbara/Volini landfill application. The Appellate Court is directed to reconsider the case including all the other issues raised by the parties to the appeal which the Appellate Court failed to rule on. The parties to the appeal are the County of Kankakee and POWER through Mr. Byron Sandberg. Several issues have been argued including protection of the health and safety of the community.

Kankakee County Board Votes In favor Of Continuing The Legal Battle Against The City of Kankakee Backed Garbage Dump.

May 14, 2008

POWER would like to publicly thank the 22 Kankakee County board members who voted yes to go forward with the legal battle against the proposed Fred Barbara and Tom Volini garbage dump near Minnie Creek which dumps directly into the river upstream from the Aqua Illinois water intake pipe. This proposal would literally dump garbage directly into the deep aquifer by blasting out several feet of bedrock to form the base of a 200 feet high mountain of garbage. The IEPA refused to stop this travesty after they were pressured by a Cook County lobbyists, Larry Suffredin hired by Barbara and Volini, all politically connected to Mayor Daley and Governor Blagojevich.

Action by the Kankakee County Board was needed because the Appellate Court decided to reverse their 2006 decision against this proposal thereby allowing it to go forward. This was the case sponsored by POWER through Mr. Byron Sandberg with the help of local retired attorney Ed Vogt. The County also argued their own case at the Appellate Court at the same time which resulted in the County's landfill attorney and Mr. Vogt supporting each other's case against the proposed dump. At this point the Appellate Court has failed to rule on the issues the County's attorney argued.

Sadly County Board members Kelly McLaren and Karen Campbell voted No and therefore support the dumping of garbage directly into the deep aquifer next to Minnie Creek. They have consistently supported this dump proposal. Karen Campbell is a City of Kankakee employee and should have abstained from voting on this issue because of her conflict of interest. Kelly McLaren is running for Recorder of Deeds this coming November and is seeking local Union Bosses support. Local Union Bosses have been huge supporters of the Fred Barbara/Tom Volini dump.


Watch the Attorneys and the Kankakee County Board discuss the County's legal battle to stop the Fred Barbara/Tom Volini proposed garbage dump which is backed by City of Kankakee Mayor Green and local Union bosses.

Click to view video

Garbage-To-Ethanol Plants Are Being Built Elsewhere. Why Not Here?

May 1, 2008

Please click on this link http://www.brightcove.tv/search.jsp?query=coskata It will take you to some very informative short video clips on Coskata, Inc. www.coskata.com. This is the company General Motors is in partnership with in Warrenville, Illinois which is building garbage-to-ethanol plants. Warrenville is near Aurora. They are planning to build these plants on a global basis. There is no reason why we can't get one here.

Even if Mayor Green and Barbara -Volini win their dump, it will be cheaper to process garbage into ethanol then dumping it. Don't forget all the jobs that these plants create.

Lake County Indian projects a savings of $12,000,000 per year in garbage removal costs for their County with the building of two garbage-to-ethanol plants by two other companies within their county and the creation of 250 jobs and hundreds more in construction jobs. See article here http://www.nwi.com/articles/2008/03/21/news/lake_county/doc1a0efe9ecdc9fbe086257413000d5e12.txt

Why can't this be done here? If City of Kankakee Mayor Green and our Kankakee County economic development leaders made the same effort to get a garbage-to-ethanol plant as they have for garbage dumps, it would happen!

POWER Fundraiser A Success!

February 11, 2008

Protect Our Water, Environment, and River (POWER) wishes to thank the 60 attendees and 24 local merchants or donors who helped make our February 10 Valentine's Dinner, Dance, and Silent Auction a truly elegant evening and a smashing success.

We extend our gratitude to: Andrea Taylor and Family, AnteUP Productions, Applebee's Restaurant, Aurelio's Pizzeria, Brickstone Brewery and Restaurant, Car Care Auto Center, Cracker Barrel Restaurant, Fifth Avenue Car Wash, Groucho's Coffee Cafe, Jeff Jarvis and Family, Hampton Inn, King Music, Love Shop, Oberweis Dairy (Happy Cows LLC), Paramount and Meadowview Theatres, Papa John's Pizza, Romer's Bakery/A Piece of Cake, Skinney's Pizza, TGIFriday's Restaurant, The Chicago Dough Company, Tholen's Landscape and Garden Center, TrendSetters College of Cosmetology, TriStar Martial Arts Academy, and Village Home Furnishings. Thank you for helping protect the water supply and health of Kankakee Valley citizens and the health of the Kankakee and Iroquois rivers against potential toxic leachate from the two proposed landfills.

IPCB AFirms 3-17-04 County Board Decision.

January 24, 2008

Illinois Pollution Control Board affirms the March 17, 2004 decision by the Kankakee County Board denying siting of a 302 acre garbage dump by Waste Management, Inc.

The Board finds that the proceedings before the County were fundamentally fair and Waste Management was not prejudiced by the proceedings. The Board further finds that the County's decision relating to the need for the facility (415 ILCS 5/39.2(a)(i) (2006)), the facility's design to minimize the impact on surrounding property (415 ILCS 5/39.2(a)(iii) (2006)), and the traffic patterns (415 ILCS 5/39.2(a)(vi) (2006)) is not against the manifest weight of the evidence. The Board therefore affirms the County's decision to deny siting for the landfill expansion proposed by Waste Management.

Waste Management has 35 days to appeal this decision against them to the Appellate Court. Click here to view the case details http://www.ipcb.state.il.us/documents/dsweb/Get/Document-59998/

Illinois Pollution Control Board to hear Waste Management's Appeal.

December 7, 2007

The Illinois Pollution Control Board will hear Waste Management's appeal of the 2003 Kankakee County Board rejection of their proposed 302 acre, 200 feet high Chicago regional garbage dump which would be located within walking distance of the river and upstream from the Aqua Illinois water intake pipe.

IPCB will hear the case in Chicago and make a decision by January 24. If Waste Management wins their appeal, under the law, the IPCB would remanded the dump proposal back to the County Board for another vote. In their appeal, Waste Management contends the County board members, who voted No to three of the 9 criteria required by law to win approval, did not base their decision on evidence presented by Waste Management during their garbage dump hearing. Waste Management has been asking for delays since 2003.

This is one of two proposed Chicago regional garbage dumps to be sited in the immediate water shed of the Kankakee and Iroquois Rivers. The other garbage dump is being proposed by Town & Country Utilities owned by Tom Volini and Fred Barbara. Fred Barbara was recently implicated in a Chicago mob trial and according to Chicago newspapers, is a close friend of Chicago Mayor Daily. If both dump proposals happen, a total of 600 acres, 200 feet high in garbage would be dumped by as many as 600 semi-trucks daily.



Fred Barbara and Tom Volini are being sued by the Illinois EPA.

August 5, 2007

Fred Barbara's company, Kankakee Regional Landfill LLC and Tom Volini's company, Town & Country Utilities, Inc., developers of the proposed Chicago regional garbage dump with the City of Kankakee, are being suited over illegal dumping near their proposed dump site.  Read the law suit here. Pictures obtained by POWER of the illegal dumping of semi-truck loads of construction debris and other garbage were turned over to the IEPA which has resulted in this suit. The case has been filed with the Circuit Court in the Kankakee County Court House. It is scheduled to be heard September 27, 9:00 A.M. room 204. An answer to this case by Mr. Barbara and  Mr. Volini are due by August 29.

June 6, 2007

Illinois EPA Hearing To Be Held Wednesday June 13 at 6:00 PM In The KCC Auditorium

POWER, OUTRAGE, Mini Creek Drainage District and other local groups requested the IEPA to hold a legal hearing on Mr. Volini's latest dump proposal for a Chicago regional landscape dump to be located next to his proposed Chicago regional garbage dump. Both are to be located next to Mini Creek which drains directly into the Kankakee River up stream from the Aqua Illinois water intake pipe, a source of water for thousands.

This latest proposal must be stopped. Just like his garbage dump proposal, this is in an area that has little or no clay protecting the shallow and deep aquifers from being polluted. It is also in an area that is flood prone. The water table is near the surface. Please click on Expert Reports and read what three independent scientists have to say about the unsuitability of the hydro geology in that area for dumping any garbage because it will result in polluting the river, Mini Creek and the ground aquifers. Water supply for thousands of people and wild life.
Urgent, Please attend this hearing. You will be given the opportunity to speak.

You can also send written comments to

Stephanie Flowers, Hearing Officer (#21)
Re: Kankakee Regional Landfill L.L.C.
Illinois EPA
1021 North Grand Ave. East, P.O. Box 19276
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276
Phone: 217-782-5544

Written comments can be sent now and up to 30 days after the hearing date. This means July 13, 2007 is the deadline for written comments.

Thursday March 22, 2007

City of Kankakee/Tom Volini Proposed Chicago Garbage Dump Suffers Major Set Back!

Tom Volini of Town & Country Utilities and the City of Kankakee suffered a blow to their proposed Chicago regional garbage dump today. The Illinois Supreme Court announced their decision to overrule the Appellate Court and to affirm the Pollution Control Board's decision to disallow the proposed Town & Country/City of Kankakee Chicago regional garbage dump because the applicant failed to prove protection of the health and safety of the community.

With this decision, Town & Country's first application for this garbage dump proposal is now stopped. A second application for this dump proposal is currently on appeal with the Appellate Court . A decision by the Appellate Court against Town & Country Utilities would likely end this dump proposal unless Town & Country attempts a third application which would start the whole process over from the beginning with a multi-week hearing conducted by the City of Kankakee.

Supreme Court Summaries

Opinions filed March 22, 2007

Nos. 101619, 101652 cons. Town & Country Utilities, Inc. v. Illinois Pollution Control Board

Appellate citation: No. 3–03–0025 (unpublished order under Supreme Court Rule 23).

JUSTICE FITZGERALD delivered the judgment of the court, with opinion.

Chief Justice Thomas and Justices Freeman, Kilbride, Garman, Karmeier, and Burke concurred in the judgment and opinion.

In 2003, the city of Kankakee received an application for a new solid waste landfill, to be located on a site recently annexed to the city. After hearing testimony, the city approved the application, but the county of Kankakee and others objected and appealed to the Pollution Control Board. The Board reversed the city ‘s decision.

Judicial review in such matters is in the appellate court, rather than the circuit court. The appellate court for the Third District reversed the Board’s decision, finding that the result reached at the local level should be deferred to.

On appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court, the issue presented was: on judicial review, which body should have its decision subjected to the manifest weight standard--the city or the Board? In the opinion issued today, the supreme court held that the decision to be reviewed is that of the Board. This result is required by statute. The appellate court’s ruling was error on this question.

Evaluating the result reached by the Board, the supreme court held that its decision, rejecting the city’s approval of the landfill application on the basis of the evidence then presented, was not against the manifest weight of the evidence. The appellate court was reversed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

POWER Beats Volini/City of Kankakee In The Appellate Court

POWER received word today that the Appellate Court has ruled in our favor and against the Volini second application to site a Chicago regional garbage dump with the City of Kankakee.

POWER sponsored this case on behalf of POWER supporter Byron Sandberg and was represented by attorney Ed Vogt.

POWER also has hired Dr. G. Fred Lee, a nationally known landfill expert from California. See Dr. G. Fred Lee's background at http://www.gfredlee.com See his full report on the Volini/City of Kankakee dump proposal at http://www.members.aol.com/annejlee/KankakeeLFfinal.pdf

POWER also has worked with Stu Cravens. A hydro geologist in Illinois with Kelron.

All this was done by raising money through various fund raisers such as garage sales, raffle, etc.

Volini 2 was overturned by the Appellate Court in Ottawa. They ruled that Volini violated the 172 Landfill Siting Legislation which prohibits filing a second time with the same application within two years of the first application.

Now Mr. Volini must win the case filed against him at the Illinois Supreme Court by the County of Kankakee. That case deals with the issue of public safety in regards to polluting the river and the ground aquifers. The water source of thousands in the area.

At this month's County Board meeting an attempt was made by Mayor Green to have the County Board withdraw their Supreme Court Case. The motion to withdraw failed on a 11 to 8 vote.

The bottom line is it ain't over until its over and the little guys can fight city hall and win.

Friday March 03, 2006
POWER has received word by mail the IEPA has granted a permit to Tom Volini/ City of Kankakee to go ahead and start construction of the infrastructure for their Chicago regional garbage dump. They have not been granted a permit to dump any garbage at this time. If they do get the permit to dump garbage (this is a big if because of the legal cases they have to beat including the POWER/OUTRAGE supported case), they will be piling it over 200 feet high by first digging through the shallow aquifer into the primary deep aquifer. This dump will dig into and remove several feet of bedrock believe it or not.

We feel this was a political decision hurried up because of legislation recently introduced in Springfield to stop landfills from being sited within 6 miles from an airport. This dump will be less then three miles from the Kankakee Airport. They also needed to get this done before the election while Governor Blagojevich. is still in office. Tom Volini and his partner Fred Barbara have ties to Mayor Daily and Governor. Blagojevich. The Chicago papers did several articles on Fred Barbara and his connection to organized crime, the trucking scandal and Mayor Daily.

The IEPA completely ignored two top notch scientists, Stu Cravens and Dr. G. Fred Lee both of whom, based on the science of the area, filed opinions with the IEPA stating this dump is based on junk science and will ultimately pollute the ground water and river with garbage leachate. Dr. G. Fred Lee suggests we go to Federal Court. He also says a landfill with this design is illegal in many states.

The fight is not over, we may go to Federal Court. In addition we have a case at the Appellate Court and the County has a case, if they accept it, at the Illinois Supreme Court.

When this garbage dump leachate pollutes the water supply, Volini's company will likely file bankruptcy and the taxpayers of the city of Kankakee will be responsible for the clean up and water rates will go sky high to make Kankakee river water drinkable. Such a deal.

POWER urges area citizens to write or call our State Legislators to push for immediate passage of Senate Bill 2501 and its companion House Bill 5515. Sponsored by State Senator Steve Forby and State Representative Richard Bradley. This bill would immediately outlaw the construction of landfills within a six (6) mile radius of any general aviation airport.

Such a restriction would have killed the Volini dump if the IEPA hadn't already issued a permit for it but it is not too late to get this Bill passed to kill the County/Waste Management Chicago regional Landfill proposals as it is also about three miles from the Kankakee Airport and is not currently being considered by the IEPA. The prohibition will take effect immediately after passage of the Bill and prohibit any municipality or county from approving a request for siting a landfill within a 6 mile radius of an airport. It will also prohibit the IEPA from issuing a permit for a landfill situated inside the six mile radius.

State Senator Debbie Halvorson: 241 W. Joe Orr Rd. Chicago Heights, 60411 (708) 756-0882

State Senator Gary Dahl: 103 Fifth St., P. O. Box 260 Peru, 61354 (815) 220-8720

State Representative Lisa Dugan: 135 S. Schuyler Ave. Kankakee 60901 (815) 939-1983

State Representative Careen Gordon: 760 E. Division Coal City 60416 (815) 634-3096

Urge them to call the bills to the Senate and House Floors for immediate passage.

Please get the word out to your friends and neighbors in the Kankakee area.


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